Monday, June 29, 2015

Should We Be Concerned About The Next Generation?

What does Obergefell predict about the next generation, its culture, and its spirituality? Parents who hold biblical Christian values are mistaken if they passively approach the times and the impact today’s culture has on their children. Like the fifteenth century Pilgrims who left the Netherlands for fear that the worldly culture would influence their children, parents today would do well to seek refuge for their children. As the landscape in America evolves, serious questions need to be asked, and deliberate solutions need to be prepared. 

How will our children learn morality? How will they know if what they view on the on the street, in a television commercial, or in a social media post aligns itself with biblical morality? For that matter, why will they even care? Will morality be a concern for them, or will they view unrestrained lifestyles with apathy? Why should they care? Will there be any model before them to demonstrate the benefits of holiness, morality, and compassion? Will they believe that truth is worth fighting for having viewed courage and determination in the life of one worth emulating?

Parents would be amiss to leave all of the concern, praying, and fighting at the doorsteps of pastors, administrators of religious institutions, and non-profit leaders. Certainly, we are concerned about threats of persecution such as a loss of tax-exemption status for churches and religious institutions; broader applications of “hate-crime speech;” and endless litigation. But persecution has never spiritually ruined a generation; it merely makes one’s pilgrimage less comfortable. More than likely, persecution would separate the tares from the wheat (Matt. 13:26), embolden more believers (Phil. 1:12-14), and make one’s relationship with the Shepherd even closer (Ps. 23:4). Yes, persecution is a concern, but the next generation should be a greater concern.

How will our children learn truth? How will they know what morals will guide them to live a peaceful life, enjoy a happy marriage, and build a prosperous nation? How will they know the truth about American history, the journey we’ve taken, and what the future predicts? If God provides another Moses (or several of them) to lead the people out of bondage, how will they recognize him? Will they be able to discern the difference between truth and emotional ideals? Will a hunger and thirst for righteousness be so developed that they reject a hard-hearted Pharaoh and the pleasures of Egypt in order to follow God’s path to the Promised Land?

The need for biblical training has emerged like never before as a necessity for the next generation. Our children need to see morality elevated to the highest level of importance. Truth will be important to them if teaching it becomes important to their parents. They also need moral examples and training at school, not just at church and home. They need to learn the facts of history, unabridged and without revision. Then they need to learn how history reveals the consequences of men’s actions, both good and bad. We cannot expect the next generation to accept morality and biblical truth as a conviction if deliberate training has not been planned. Neither can we expect them to have the boldness and competency to intellectually defend the faith if they have not been trained.

Our nation was not founded by passive cable news junkies who theorized about the way things ought to be. Our founders took action – decisive, moral, and prudent. The next generation needs us to be resourceful, courageous, and deliberate about carving a path for their future. Let’s get busy, and go in a spirit of prayer.

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